Put Your Stamp On It!

isostilo has a new local find in Cambridge.  I am a fan of making something your own.  The idea of designing and getting creative with textiles allows you to put your own spin on something.  I love customizing t-shirts for my son’s birthdays.  It has become a fun tradition.  I scored this year with finding  BOSSTOWN Custom Printing & Embroidery in Cambridge.  Honestly I had gone to the Converse store originally but the equipment was under repair.  So I was on the hunt to find a local business.  Having a local shop that is owner occupied is always welcomed.  We have to support our local shops to keep things interesting and unique.  After a brief meet and chat with Melissa, the owner of BOSSTOWN, I knew a super fun t-shirt would be designed.  I am thrilled to have found Melissa.  She is running a business, juggling kids, and delivering a service that I hope all will consider the next time you are looking to personalize some kicks or t-shirts.  I will say that she is located in an unassuming location and you walk through a little maze to find her small space.  Another gem!  BOSSTOWN



New year, new adventures ,more memories, and always smiling! Happy 11!


Thursday’s Style Along With A Pop of Trend

A total errand day!  Getting ready for a weekend in Vermont along with some Easter bunny duties.  The sun was shining and the weather had me in a pickle.  I questioned the temperature would reach high 50’s but it is spring and I was optimistic.  I went with layers.  Super easy to peel off as the day warmed up.  I have been committed to breaking out some old goodies from my closet and yesterday was the perfect day to for a spring friendly knit sweater.  The sweater was the piece and the rest was easy.  Paired with a current denim style that has a fuller leg, a stripe top (stripes always in style), white kicks, and finished off the outfit with an on trend piece, a cloth bag.  I went with a denim on denim look but could have easily gone with a trench jacket.

isostilo style
Creamy sweater from ANNELORE.  It is all about the details!  A feminine top layer piece that is just lovely!
isostilo style
Stripes anytime from Mads Norgaard.  This is a basic piece for me.  Simon Miller jeans are also a staple and in heavy rotation these days. The watch is my husband’s, Tag Heuer Carrera 1964 reissue.  It’s my new love to sport.
isostilo style
Denim on denim with Acne Studios oversized jacket.  I bought this a bit bigger for a slouchy look and to layer  over sweaters. I like how the denim adds some edge to the sweater. Hey no beanie on that girl!
isostilo style
On my second pair of my Comme des Garcons x Converse kicks.  Everyone needs at least one pair of white sneakers. I actually like them more when they get broken in and a bit dirty.  Gives them character.  Little pom pom socks for some extra fun.
isostilo style
Cloth bags are sweet, fun, interesting, and lightweight. Also the easiest and inexpensive trend to add to your style.  I love the red and white gingham.  It’s spring baby and the sun is out!
isostilo style
Wishing you all a happy weekend! Tulips for everyone on this long holiday weekend xo

The ANNELORE sweater was from the good old days when Louis Boston was on Newbury Street.  I loved this store for their curated selection of merchandise. They were hunters of upcoming brands along with bold designers like Dries Van Noten.  Each floor was beautifully arranged.  It was a place to explore and a paradise for fashion mavens.

OOTD Yesterday

Yesterday’s style.  I’m holding on to winter just so I can get some more wear out of my outerwear!

Morning Coffee Run And Officially On Holiday
Beanie Gift From My Husband + Recycled Shopping Bag That Has Become My Handbag
Booty Shot Of The Of The Denham Jeans
Sweatshirt + Denim = isostilo


I’m a beanie girl.  Meet my new love.  A gift from my husband from his Japan travels.  He knows my style too well! I love the patch and the blue on blue.  The Japanese have perfected the attention to detail.


I am recycling a cloth skull and star shopping bag from a store purchase that I made some time ago in Amsterdam.  I love handbags and have spent years collecting them.  But funny how this cloth bag seems more my style lately.


Along with the beanie came a sweatshirt.  The dyed indigo blue sweatshirt has an irregular texture and surface that will only get better with wear.  I appreciate the detail of the deeper blue ribbed cuffs and neck that gives the sweatshirt a hint of a worn in look.  For a blue loving girl like myself, this has become a favorite.


As promised I have been committed to wearing what’s in my closet.  I’m falling back in love with my old favorite DENHAM jeans (my booty jeans). DENHAM are jean makers and are all about the details.  For me, this particular pair are all about the back pockets.  They are a straight fit and work well with kicks or a kitten heel.


My absolute favorite new piece added to my outerwear arsenal.  This was a recent sale bin score from Henrik Vibskov.  I immediately fell in love with this hip length, two-tone color (unusual paring I thought) puffy with a blue wave that hugs the jacket.  It is one piece that you either love it or question the hell out of it.  I Love It!  A forever piece for me.  Fashion forward and playful at the same time.






A Peek Into My isostilo Style

Style is whatever you make it.  I have always been interested in following fashion in my spare time via insta, Flipboard, Pintrest, and magazines.  I enjoy sitting in cafes to watch the city style pass me by.  I love when someone is rocking their own style.  It is not about what is on trend or what bag your sporting but more importantly being an individual and what inspires you.

Currently, I am having fun with functional winter pieces.  It is still winter ladies (hopefully not for long)!  I am totally digging track pants, black turtlenecks, boots, and my beanies (sounds a bit boring).  My every day life is moving around the city and running around with my son.   A lot of what I wear seems to be pieces that I have collected over the years (which makes me happy).

At the end of the day, I am a casual gal kicking it in streetwear.  Loving that jeans are the norm and I can alternate them with track pants.  Currently I have a couple jeans that seem to be in heavy rotation.  One being a black mid rise, fitted jean from Madewell, and the other a Simon Miller, high rise, wide bottom leg.  I call those gems my man repellers (brilliant name by the way and I love the site of the true Man Repeller).  I typically pair any bottom with an easy knit or sweatshirt and occasionally layer on a blazer.   Along with one of my favorite kicks or my Hope or Church’s boots depending on my day.  Throw on a coat that suits the weather and top it off with a beanie.  Easy Peasy and out the door.

Black on Black
Street Boot from Hope
Basic Style
Basic uniform with some edge: high rise denim, black Zara sweater, black boot, and Jennifer Meyer x Barneys coat.
Beanie & Sweatshirt (pretty much my winter uniform)
My Man Repeller jeans and I love them!
Street Attire
Now A Vintage A.P.C. jacket (scored 6 or 7 years ago).  Hands down my favorite go to jacket.
The Boot
Everyday Look
Heavy rotation on the adidas track pants. Worn with black turtleneck, vans or low heels.
Everyday! The beanie that never comes off and the sweatshirt that I cherish.

Why the beanie love:  I love the warmth, love to hide my bad hair, love the look, and love to sport it around the house:) Either my black Acne beanie or my son’s Vans beanie.  As one has seen on most of my insta pics this season.


For The Love Of Church’s

Before another storm hits New England, I must get some wear out of these boots!  Sometimes you have to hunt.  It is also part of the fun.  I had been hunting for my perfect black boots for longer than I want to admit.  Here were my requirements: black, low heel, edgy, and would be worn year after year.  Boots have been ordered, boots have returned.  One of the benefits of online shopping!  I don’t think I am alone on this one.  I have hit every store in Boston and beyond.  Believe me, there are boots out there that get me excited but I’m fussy, focused and no regretful purchases please.  With my endless searching along came Church’s studded, glossed leather, handcrafted, classic wingtip style black boot. Love at first sight.  An absolute investment purchase.  Welcome to my closet!  Totally worth the hunt.  I am in LOVE.  Rock n Roll baby!  I’m breaking them out and breaking them in!  To be worn with everything!

Time to break you in

History Fact:  This fine English company was founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons.

Fun Fact:   Tony Blair had a pair he called “lucky pair” and British Secret Service agent,  Mr. James Bond aka Pierce Brosnan wore a selection of  Church’s to complement his Brioni suits.  Need I say more to justify this investment?!

A Touch Of Girliness

Here is a trend that I am playing with at the moment.  I don’t wear earrings much and don’t like to fuss with my hair (lazy girl).  Adding sparkly clips, colorful headbands, and printed scarves creates an effortless look.  Candy colored accessories are everywhere!  Bye Bye Beanie!

Sending you my round-up of inspiration !

Fancy Clips
I Was Never Successful At Pulling Off The Comb But Let Me Try Again ( Peek At The Playful Socks)
Short Hair, Long Hair, They Work !
Glam For The Hair
In This Case, The More Sparkle The Better
Wrap It Up! I Have Always Been A Huge Fan Of Head Scarves
Easy Peasy
Pick One
Oh Marni!
If I Where An Earring Girl, I Would Wear These With My Track Pants, T-Shirt And A Fancy Clip

isostilo has done some online hunting.  Head to Anthropologie if you are digging this post.  I hope you find a style that works for you.  xo