There Is No One Like Tilda Swinton

A true lady rock star to add to my appreciation of those who are style risk takers bringing excitement to the fashion world.  The British actress Tilda Swinton is strikingly beautiful and a fashion icon in my opinion with a true sense of self.  She has attitude and confidence to rock her sometimes severe masculine look but never looses her femininity.  Tilda challenges the norm through her unique style choices.  She knows what she likes and stays her course.  Just look how the clothes come to life on that tall lean frame.  But you notice Tilda first (true style!).  Her ability to change like a chameleon with her on-screen roles is remarkable.  Her unforced style is admirable.  Can we pause for a second to applaud Tilda’s ever-changing hair that is edgy, show stopping, and just out right cool?!  She is so flipping awesome in my book!!

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Another Cool Girl

Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson
Photographed by Zoey Grossman, Stylist by Leslie Fremar, Image from Elle

Let me just add another fierce female to my current list of cool girl crushes (check out my earlier post on Claire Foy).  Sarah Paulson in this month’s November issue of Elle nails the relationship between chic, feminine, and edge.  There is a rawness about Sarah.  She effortlessly exudes confidence in her own skin only to be highlighted by the fashion.  The sexy yet modern ladylike black laced gown by Dior is accentuated by the leather belt but then off set by the handful of chunky jewelry and deep burgundy nail polish. This reveals Sarah’s unconventional style.  It is unexpected and I admire it.  Also, lets not overlook how she rocks neck tats and short hair.  My short hair lady friends are definitely making power statements. Badass and stunning!

The article is a good read.  Sarah simply talks about her life and the challenges she faces.  But you quickly understand that she is trying to live an authentic life as difficult as it may be in the Hollywood spotlight.  She touches upon her relationship with Holland Taylor.  You can’t help but simply appreciate Sarah Paulson.  She is making her own story in Hollywood and standing behind it.

I will be watching Ocean’s 8 over the weekend and I look forward to her upcoming Netflix show hitting in December, Birdbox.

Cool- Girl Claire Foy


Claire Foy just kicks ass!  Her style from head to toe is so on point.  She is rebellious in her look and unconventional in the best way.  The hair, the eyes, the fresh face, the triple earrings are delivered with confidence.  She is far from boring or ordinary in the latest issue of Vogue.  If there is one hair style that could get me back to the salon, it would be this one.  I would cop her style in an instant!  But I just chopped and bleached my hair blonde (poor timing).  She is stunning in her Vogue shoot.  Claire’s style is edgy, chic, raw, and feminine.  It’s in a league of its own.

We all know Claire from the The Crown (simply brilliant!).  I cannot wait to see her upcoming movie, The Girl In The Spider’s Web, but in the mean time I will head to see her in First Man.  Read about Claire Foy in Vogue’s latest issue.  It is a nice read to enjoy while sipping something warm.  (images from Vogue)

Icon Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is a style icon and a timeless beauty.  A woman who inspires and encourages all women to live their life they way they want to live it.  She is strong-willed, determined, and has a true sense of self.  Her recent cover for UNCONDITIONAL magazine reminds us all that she is.  Lauren’s style appears effortless, simple, tasteful, and youthful.  She is aging gracefully and exudes a strength that is inspiring.  You quickly realize that her outward beauty truly reflects her inner beauty.  Yes, Lauren happens to be wearing Celine and other high fashion brands in this shoot layered over a casual and perfectly worn in vintage Levi’s and a Hanes t-shirt.   But ultimately her smile and energy define her spot on style.

UNCONDITIONAL is a modern magazine highlighting women celebrating who they are and sharing their beauty in so many different ways.  Also, the fashion woven throughout is pretty amazing in a subtle and thoughtful way that doesn’t distract you. Waiting for the next edition!

Always Good With Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin is without a doubt a style icon.  The pictures say it all!  Her timeless and classic beauty inspires all (isostilo included).  She has an effortless and natural demeanor of the girl next door.  Her simple style takes her from city cool to beachside casual in simple classic pieces.  Her basic white tee-shirt paired with a fringed denim is edgy, sexy, and sweet all at the same time.  Always feminine but the rolled up shirt sleeves coupled with layered necklaces take the look into new territories.  Her style is hers and Jane wears the clothes.  Her casual elegance is perfection! The basket bag never gets old.  The five summer styles pictured above show all the basic pieces one needs in their closet:  tee-shirt, white button down, denim of your choice, espadrilles, simple bikini or a simple black one piece , and a woven bag. (Madewell, J.Crew, Net-A-Porter, and Mango are always good places to start your search)

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