His And Hers (New Find)

The Ember Moc

Ember Colors

Oh Yeah, it is a fall Sunday and it’s a sweats kinda of day.  isostilo is thinking about this new release from Teva.   A cozy pull on and maybe just the hippest slipper like shoe armed with a sole for your next trip anywhere.  A women’s and men’s mocs/ slipper called the Ember Moc.  They come in a selection of fun fall colors that will having you contemplating a purchase for yourself or better yet to gift.  A sleeping bag for your foot, say no more.

The Embers are one of those items that you may not feel you need till you own them.  Stepping out on a crisp morning or running out to grab something from your car, then you have that moment of I LOVE THESE.  They seem like a perfect lounge shoe and I think I want them or are they too campy?  But they are certainly an alternative to other slippers out there.  Add these to isostilo’s previous post, Weekend Ready. Teva

Make Room For Teva This Summer!

Seriously!  Teva is rocking some serious style.  They have been around since 1984.  Maybe known to the adventurous outdoorsman but the stylish urbanites are now onto them.  Priced under $100 with the exception of a couple of styles.  That alone should have your attention.  These sandals will keep you grounded and current.  They are not making a come back because they never left!  Rock them with a sock or go bare foot to hit the beach.  Find the Teva that is right for you this summer!



Teva has isostilo booking a pedi! All pics from Teva.