A Peachy Treat

Summer is officially not over. At the moment New England is in its sweet spot for delivering tasty candy like treats that are ripe for the picking. Apple picking season is not yet there but peaches and nectarines certainly are waiting for you. The crowds are light and perhaps your next free weekend will take you back into nature. Picking your own fruit just may be a lovely window of time worth carving out and your efforts. A fun outing for all.

Nothing better than fresh fruit to snack on, diced up for your morning yogurt bowl, or simply sliced to accompany your cheese board. I was planning to make a compote but there was no need for any extra effort. Best on their own!

We enjoyed visiting C.N. Smith Farm located in the South Shore just around 30 minutes from Boston. It felt like a boutique orchard. So not too big and plenty of guided assistance as you walk around the farm.

Escape The Heat With Art

Two massive abstract pieces: The Mural from Jackson Pollock and Untitled from Katharina Grosse

Both pieces are currently on display at the MFA Boston. Two artists that truly excite me with their bold large creations being showcased together in one space. I don’t have deep knowledge when it comes to art. But little by little with help from my museum buddy (aka my mother-in-law), I am appreciating more art in my life.

Museum memberships are great for short visits. Even better when you enjoy it with a friend. This exhibit is showing now through February 23,2020. MFA

Weekends Ahead

After a busy end to 2018, my body just wants to recharge. With this, I plan on taking full advantage of weekends. So no more making lists of things to get done but rather a list of interests. More quiet time even if the window is small. More experiences and learning new skills is my 2019! I am kicking off with the following:

Ansel Adams deserves a second visit. My first visit to see the exhibit at the MFA reminded me of the importance of getting outside everyday to connect with nature. Fresh air does the body and mind good. His photography is amazing. The world through his lens grips you.

More films! Roma, a beautiful film about a young Mexican worker’s journey during the 70’s is on the top of my must see list. The list just got longer after watching the Golden Globes. So many beautiful movies to enjoy.

In my future is the William Forsythe’s installation at the ICA. An interactive exhibit about movement and much more.

Basket making will be the new form of meditation for me. I am hoping for a new summer bag to swing (Jane Birkin inspired). New skill on the horizon that will be a relaxing (hoping this is the case) activity for cold days.

Ballet inspired workouts because dancers are the ultimate athletes (and my body is craving the impossible)! Flexibility and strength are a personal goal of mine. A new way to challenge my workouts and hone in on my weaknesses.

This list of interests will keep evolving. This is an achievable start. I hope this inspires you to make time to have some fun as well as shelve that to-do list for another day. FYI the list never goes away and those windows of free time do! xo

The Boston Ballet

The Boston Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker is absolutely magical!  A night to escape and be swept away.  The stage comes alive with movement, music, and imagery.  In 2012 Mikko Nissinen, the Artistic Director, revamped the whole production with an all new direction for the sets, choreography, costumes, and characters.  Over 350 new costumes have been hand sewn and painted.  The sets are all created by craftsmen and women from all over the United States.  It is a performance that has become one Boston’s most cherished events during the holiday season.  A tradition for many family and friends to enjoy. Now playing at The Boston Opera House till December 30th.  The Boston Ballet is treat year round!  Having an experience creates memories which you will always treasure.  Happy Holidays! 

(all images from The Boston Ballet)

Exploring deCordova

A lovely afternoon spent wandering around the grounds of the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.  Just a short drive from Boston to the woodsy town of Lincoln, Massachusetts.  The deCordova was established in 1950 and is set on 30 acres of rolling hills.  At any given time there about 60 works of art on display.  You can meander about at your own pace.  Such a treat to have this museum in my backyard.  A nice reminder to explore what is around you.

Fletcher Benton, Donut with 3 Balls
Letha Wilson, PLATFORM 19
Noémie Goudal, PLATFORM 20
Joseph Wheelwright, Listening Stone 1985.  A special sculpture by Mr. Wheelwright who is the late husband of my son’s third grade teacher.  His extraordinary talent is left for all of us to admire.


An amazing new exhibition by Ian McMahon.  Tether is a sculpture created with air and plaster. It looks like giant pillows but it is far from that and extremely fragile.
To be honest my 11-year-old was not thrilled for this outing.  After five minutes on the open field his curiosity kicked in!
Yayoi Kusama, Where the Lights in My Heart is a spectacular outdoor exhibit where you walk inside a mirror polished stainless steel chamber with glass mirrors.  You get to experience a never-ending universe.


Rolling hills and structures that grace the property
Nari Ward, Shoe tips with libation, G.O.A.T.  The sneakers are a mystery.
I love this working honeybee hive sculpture that is buzzing with activity.  Created by Jarret Mellenbrunch, Haven 2014
A new installation by Nancy Winship Milliken, Pasture Song. The combination of reclaimed cello bow strings, horsehairs, and little help of some wind, all together create soft music.  Amazing!
Jim Dine, Two Big Black Hearts

Be sure to check out the website for updates on new installations and fun activities.  The park is open everyday from 10-5.  There is cafe to grab a light bite and a well curated gift shop to find a souvenir.  deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum is certainly a highlight of this area but there are also other lovely historical towns and places to explore within a short drive of the park.  Walden Pond certainly comes to mind.

Urban Gardens That Will Delight You

Here is a Sunday escape post that hopefully will have you marking your calendar for next year: The Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill Annual Tour.  This year, ten gardens and two ribbon gardens (these you could just peek at) were showcased and open to the public with the purchase of a ticket.   A delightful self-led tour that allows you to meander about into the private gardens of this lovely old Boston neighborhood.  Without doing the tour there is no other way that you could experience these hidden gems.  A yellow flag marked each of the homes that awaited your viewing.  This year marked the 90th Anniversary of the tours.  You will forget for a short bit of time that you are in a city.  It is amazing to see how a bit of nature can transform small city spaces into an urban oasis.  Here is a peek at the wonderful charming spaces that were in all their glory!

You see how effortlessly nature folds into the life of Beacon Hill.  The gardens range in size and style but all are functional and inviting.  They all play off each other in the most intimate way.  Modern elements such as a living wall are complimented by the functional qualities of brick and steel backgrounds that make up this landscape.  The old trees with their twisting roots remind you of time.  Small ponds and trickling water create a sense of tranquility.  You wish to have brought a coffee and blanket to just sit and soak in the peacefulness.

The lovely faces along the way.  Such a wonderful afternoon to stroll and march the paths of Beacon Hill.  You should always be a tourist especially in your home town.  This is a charming event that you could easily let years pass without experiencing.  Grab a gal pal, walk the tour, sip coffee, chat, and finish off the afternoon with a tasty lunch on Charles Street.  Beacon Hill Garden Club 


One Pair of Pants 2 Ways OOTD

A pre Memorial Day rule breaker but when you love something there are no rules!

isostilo style

Beacon Hill Garden Tour

Hitting the streets with my gal pal to explore the hidden gems of Beacon Hill. Going bright with a crisp full leg cord trouser paired with a playful navy sweater from Comme des Garcons (a year round piece). Nike Air Max sneakers because who doesn’t wear sneakers these days but also perfect for marching the streets and climbing stairs to view the lovely gardens.  Also CPW is looking pretty good.  I love to be hands free so my Bottega Veneta is really in the mix these days.  Casual afternoon attire with no fuss to enjoy a happy spring day with a friend!

isostilo style

Part 2: With a small window of time to freshen up my look before heading out for an evening with some sweet mamas from my son’s school.  I swapped out the sweater but kept the navy look because I was digging the blue and white combo.  A quick change into a short sleeve solid navy t-shirt and an oversized navy blazer with white dots from Maison Kitsune.  Added a pink lippy for a pop of color to my face.

isostilo style
Marni Marni Marni! A forever piece that will be on repeat.

Mama’s new Marni bag from Mother’s Day.  This clutch was made for me!  When your boys know your style you just get giddy with excitement especially when it is totally unexpected with NO HINTS!  Ready for the night with the just the essentials.  xo

FYI I am a big believer in wearing pieces over and over again.  I love occasionally adding a new piece into the mix.  Life is busy enough and getting dressed should be fun, easy, and no stress!